Product review about ‘The Lady. Beauty Power Cream’

This time, we will share a review of a cosmetic product. 
One of our female staff has used The Lady. Beauty Power Cream for three weeks.
The Lady. Beauty Power Cream is a beauty cream that was created by the same developers of the world-class prestige skin care cream SK-II.
We introduced this product in the previous article, Former SK-II development members create the most advanced beauty cream in the world with their depth of wisdom. 
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 About our female staff

*Age: 43years old

*Her skin trouble: Rough skin due to drying, smile lines, wrinkles under her eyes,saggy face, and wrinkles on her neck.

*Daily usage of the cream:Twice a day: After washing her face in the morning and at night (Not used with other lotions or creams) 

There are two ways to use this product as recommended by the product maker.

①Wash your face→Apply your favorite one daily use→Apply The Lady. Beauty Power Cream.
②Wash your face→Apply The Lady. Beauty Power Cream.

This time, we wanted to know the effectiveness of The Lady. Beauty Power Cream directly, so our staff tried the second way as recommended by the company ( above) .


The first day

She started to use the cream after washing her face in the morning. The cream comes in a glass container with a mini spatula. They are packaged in an elegant and simply designed box.

The lid was opened and a pearl-sized amount of cream was scooped up with the mini spatula. The cream color was light beige.
She put half of the cream on the mini spatula on her finger and applied it gently it to the smile lines that  bothered her. The other half she applied under her eyes. (*Wash the used mini spatula with water and wipe with a cloth and store in sanitary place after using)

She detected a slight but refreshing mint-like scent from the cream. (*This cream doesn’t contain mint leaves) and could smell other scents of some plants, too. This sent made our staff member feel relaxed.
And this cream was surprisingly easy to spread . The instructions about this cream recommended a pearl-sized drop for a single use. In our staff's case, she was able to treat her whole face and neck with the small amount. 
The cream texture was very rich, but she didn't  feel it was sticky after using it. It was absorbed by her skin quickly. After applying this cream, her skin felt smooth. She did the same procedure for her face after washing her face at night.
On the following morning, she reported the cream seemed to be working. She felt her skin was moister and softer than usual.

She felt this was the first cosmetic that she could feel such a noticable effect on her skin in just one day.
She was really looking forward to her skin's condition one week later. She hoped to improve her dry skin and wrinkles more! 

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One week later

Our staff member had treated her skin with only The Lady. Beauty Power Cream after washing her face in the morning and at night for one week.
She felt that her skin had become firmer and tighter. And her face looked  like it had been lifted-up. Her skin texture was getting smoother. She felt that her rough skin due to drying had improved.
When she  looked at herself in the mirror, she had the impression that her face was younger than before using this cream. She decided to take photos of her face.
She  had only been using this cream for a week, but she realized it had had a significant effect.

Two weeks later

Our staff member had  almost no worries about her dry skin. The areas around her mouth and cheeks that were rough had changed to a smooth texture.
She felt that her skin tone was lighter. Her skin condition was getting better and better!
She decided to start working on  lifting up the loose skin of her face. She wanted the wrinkles under eyes and her smile lines to disappear, too.

In the usual way, she scooped up the cream with a mini spatula. She took about half the amount from that with her fingertip. She did a lift-up massage in her own way.

She applied  the cream under her eyes. From the inside area of the eyes to the corners, she gently rubbed and massaged the cream into her skin while imagining the wrinkles disappearing and her face becoming firmer and tighter.

She scooped up the other half with her fingertips from the mini spatula and applied it along the smile lines on both sides of her face.
She rubbed the cream into the lines while doing lift-up massaging gently from the smile lines to her cheeks 1~2times.

Finally, she applied the little bit of cream left on the mini spatula to her forehead and spread it all around.The middle of the photo shows her skin condition after using the cream for only 2 weeks. Her dry skin changed to silky smooth skin.
The dull skin under her eyes was hardly noticeable. For her, this cream's  price was a bit expensive, but she began to think that she wanted to keep using this cream forever.

Three weeks later

She could definitley feel that her skin had become firmer and was full of moisture. In addition, she was feeling the wrinkles under her eyes were getting inconspicuous.
She was still concerned about her smile lines, but she thought they were fading. Her neck wrinkles too!
After 3 weeks, she was sure that her skin appearance looked younger than before using this cream.
(We didn't measure her skin age with a machine, so we don’t know her correct skin age, though.) She thought her skin tone had become brighter and the texture was smoother, too. 
The other day, she went to her favorite beauty salon and the beautician said to her, ‘Have you started to go to an esthetic salon? Because your face looks shiny and your face line is so sharp.’ She was surprised.

At first, she thought, ’30 grams of cream in a jar is not enough’. But a little really does go a long way. It spreads out a lot. She realized the power of the cream because she could get such great results with only a pearl-sized amount.
About half the size of the pearl on her index finger (the second photo above) can take care of  the area inside the dotted line (the third photo above).
There is still plenty of cream in the jar, so she is really looking forward to seeing how much more her skin will change when she has used it all up.
The price is much higher than any cosmetics she has ever used before, but she wants to keep on using it.
However, because one jar can be used for two months,  and there is no need for other lotions or creams, she was convinced that this cream was actually reasonable -- especially considering the results she was getting.
Since our staff member entered her 40s, she has been feeling that the foundation she usually used didn't match her skin tone, and her favorite clothing colors definitely did not suit her anymore. These  things generated a sense of gloom and she was losing her confidence as a woman.
Since she  started using this cream, however, her skin has become more and more beautiful  and her facial expression has changed. She feels like she was able to regain her positive thinking.

Next time, we will introduce ‘Polyphenox’, the key ingredient in The Lady. Beauty Power Cream that makes it so effective and it is only available in The Lady. Beauty Power Cream.

We told you in a  previous article that the latest dermatological theory has shown that ‘female hormones are not only produced in the ovaries,  but also in the skin, too’.
The only ingredient in the world that can activate female hormones in the skin is ‘Polyphenox’. Next time, we will tell you more about the ingredients. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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The Lady. Beauty Power Cream 30g $450
2 months use by applying to the face daily morning and night.
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The Lady. Beauty Power Cream is the only cosmetic in the world that can activate female hormones in the skin  


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