Q & A For Maneki-Neko Part.2

Continuing from the previous article, we'll answer inquiries about Maneki-Neko from consumers.
Here are the answers based on Feng shui and in more depth for boosting one’s economic fortunes, fulfillment in love, etc.

Q6. I am going to buy Maneki-Neko for the first time, but I don’t know what to do with it. Would you tell me what to do with it to have a lot of luck?
A6. You can display your Maneki-Neko based on Fen shui or if you don’t have much knowledge about Feng shui, just  do these things below. By following these simple rules, it is believed that you can get good luck from your Maneki-Neko. Check the past article, ‘Where is the Best Place to Place Maneki-Neko’, too.

Place it where people gather
Place it where people come and go very often 
Dust it off frequently
Clean every hole and corner of the room
Place it so it is always looking at the door of the room
Don’t place it  in a low position( Lower than your knee)
Every day, say ‘good morning’, ‘how was your day?’ and ‘see you tomorrow’, etc.

Q7. I wish to boost my economic fortunes, so which direction should I place my Maneki-Neko?
A7. According to Feng shui, it is said that it is good to place Maneki-Neko in the location of Zaihoui (財方位).
The 'Zaihoui' depends on the direction of the entrance of your home or your company.
Check the direction of your entrance and see your 'Zaihoui' below.

Q9.I wish for my child to pass a very important exam, so which direction should I place my Maneki-Neko to get the most benefit?
A9. We'll describe it based on Feng shui.
If you want to pass an exam or improve your grades, it is good to place your Maneki-Neko in the location of  'Monshoui' (文昌位).
'Monshoui' is the location which draws out a child’s full potential.
Monshoui depends on the entrance of your child’s room. If you can’t place it in the location of  'Monshoui' below, just place it at North.

We recommend you a green color Maneki-Neko.
it has benefit for academic development.
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Green color Maneki-Neko

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Q10. I bought a piggy bank type of Maneki-Neko. Do you treat it differently from an ordinary one? 

 A10. It is not different from an ordinary one so please refer to A6. if you want to know more details, check 'Zaihoui' in A7. and place your piggy bank there.

However, if the 'Zaihoui' is South, there is one exception for the piggy bank because South is the direction which has the meaning of fire.  

It is believed that saved money will be burned if you place a piggy bank in the South location. If it is so, don’t place it in the South -- just place it in Northeast, instead.

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