• Matcha is Super Food!? Part2

    Matcha is Super Food!? Part2
    You can consume a lot of nutrients from matcha  👆Tap the photo and check the variety of matcha tea at our shop! As we already told you in the previous article, the wonderful thing about matcha is that you are actually consuming the tea leaves. You can consume the insoluble nutrients from matcha that you can’t consume from other green teas.  And matcha contains theanine which is a nutrient that is attracting a lot of attention nowadays. This time we will tell you how the nutrients contained in matcha can benefit your body.           ...
  • Matcha is Super Food!? Part1

    Matcha is Super Food!? Part1
    Japanese people can’t properly explain what green tea is? Before we tell you about matcha, we need to talk about Japanese tea.Matcha is ‘green tea’, but can you explain what green tea is?The other day, we asked the following  tricky question to some Japanese people:  ‘Do you think houji-cha (roasted green tea) is green tea?’  ‘I think the color of houji-cha is brown, so it’s not green tea.’'Houji-cha is made from roasted sen-cha, so it’s not green tea.’  We got a variety of wrong answers from Japanese people.Interestingly, none of them could explain what green tea...
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