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Through Japanese Zakka, we hope to help make everyday life meaningful and enjoyable. About Warakuya More than 1000 Japanese Zakka items!More than 300 types of Maneki-Neko!Ornaments, wallets, bags,...
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Kobe Fugetsudo

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Kobe Fugetsudo’s legacy began in Kobe, selling confectionery ever since the Meiji era. With 120 years of heritage, Kobe Fugetsudo is committed to making sweets that fill your...
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Founded in 1790, Fukujuen is a Kyoto-based purveyor of fine quality tea.Enjoy a wide variety of Japanese tea including Ujicha, Gyokuro and Sencha which comes with many health...
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Yamamoto Noriten

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Founded in 1849, Yamamoto Noriten has become a trusted name in the production of high-quality seaweed products. YAMAMOTO NORIEN MENU ALL ITEMS High‐quality Seaweed Roasted Seaweed Seasoned Seaweed...
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Established in 1834, Sembikiya is Japan’s oldest fruit shop. Boasting over 180 years of history, we offer luxurious seasonal fruits of the finest quality for you to enjoy at...
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