Protect tradition, exceed tradition.
Founded in 1849,Yamamoto Noriten has become a trusted name in the production of high-quality seaweed products.

With a mind to preserve tradition whilst embracing innovation and responding to changing dietary culture, we believe Yamamoto Noriten is a brand you can trust.
We are committed to making further efforts to convey the "beautiful taste" of our corporate philosophy to the next generation.

About Yamamoto Noriten

As one of the originators of seasoned seaweed, quality is our top priority. Founded by Yamamoto Tokujiro in 1849, the second generation of Yamamoto Noriten introduced eight categories of seaweed, sorted according to purpose - for raw food, home use, sushi restaurants etc.

In 1869, when the Meiji Emperor returned to Kyoto with a gift order, seasoned seaweed was born.
This triggered the popularity of the product with the general public and is the reason why Yamamoto Noriten is said to be the originator of the seasoned seaweed.
This strict quality control and mind for innovative development are still practiced

Tokujiro Yamamoto, the second

 Yamamoto Noriten's Commitment.

1. Developed the method of grading seaweed.

2. The originator and pioneer of seasoned seaweed.

3. Achieved the honour of supplying the Imperial Household Agency.

4. Processed at the Saga, Japan factory and delivering a fresh taste to you.

The key factors for the deliciousness of seaweed

The key factors for the deliciousness of seaweed are mouthfeel and deep flavour.
Yamamoto Noriten conducts R & D and uses consistent manufacturing processes to ensure that goods delivered form our Saga, Japan factory are reliably delicious and fresh.

We strive to create fresh and high quality products in our factory in Saga, Japan Prefecture; an area facing the Ariake Sea which is Japan's greatest seaweed production area.
In addition, we deliver this deliciousness along with the commitment to food safety that comes from following the craftsman's sense in a well-maintained and equipped environment.

The key factors for the deliciousness of seaweed

At Yamamoto Noriten, our craftsmen will appraise the quality of the raw material and perform grading and categorization to judge the best specific use.
This categorization process is costly, time-consuming and rare within the industry, but Yamamoto Noriten believes that this process is indispensable in the pursuit of securing the finest quality.

When categorizing our seaweed, we pride ourselves on focusing our concentration not just on appearance, but on softness, mouthfeel and the nuances of deliciousness, with a commitment to the peace of mind of the customer.

In order for items to be rated as "Plum Blossom", our highest class gift product, they are judged by their colour, gloss shape, softness, mouthfeel and the nuances of taste.
If even one of them is lacking, it does not make the "Plum Blossom" grade.

Also, the performance of seaweed is influenced by weather and sea conditions. Even on the same beach, the quality can vary every year.
We use our comprehensive experience to judge which seaweed is produced in order to provide happiness to our customers at all times.

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