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[AiR 01] Bed Mattress / Basic (14 cm)

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[AiR 01] Bed Mattress Basic (14cm)

[AiR] mattress has a unique three-dimensional wavy structure supported with [ Points] that leads you to a good quality sleep. Combined with a urethane material which has excellent cushioning properties, it keeps a natural sleeping posture while distributing the body pressure load.

It is suitable for various sleeping postures, including lying on your back or side, and can be turned over smoothly. It has the effect of prevent blood flow obstructions. It reduces moist sweat and provides a comfortable sleeping environment.

That’s [AiR] which is bringing together the latest advances in sleep science.

■Body pressure dispersion / Keeping sleeping posture

Thanks to a three-dimensional structure surface of urethane material with excellent cushioning properties, the mattress fits smoothly to the body line and disperses the body pressure load. It also has a base that firmly supports the body to maintain a natural sleeping posture. It allows you to turn over smoothly, leading to a comfortable sleep.

■Support with points

By making the surface a three-dimensional wavy structure, a gap between the points is created, this helps to prevent blood flow obstructions on the contact and reduce the burden on the body.

■Excellent breathability

The structure of the urethane promotes airflow, reducing discomfort during sleep. Diffuses and dissipates moisture and sweat. [AiR 01] Mattress has a special three-dimensional wavy structure that deepens your sleep. Enhancing two functions required for a mattress, body pressure dispersion and sleep posture supportive suspension, the mattress promises you a good quality sleep.

・1200 Points (※) Supports the whole body:Approximately 1200 points on the surface(※) disperse body pressure and the base supports the body firmly. Cushioning and breathability are improved by adopting a new urethane foam ""Reflex foam"" in the middle layer. The feeling of pressure is alleviated and rolling over is smoothly while sleeping relaxed. A comfortable wake-up can be obtained. (※For Japanese single size)

・4x4 block Excellent cushioning:By arranging ""Cross-Holes"" in a lattice shape at the shoulder parts, a block of 4 x 4 points is formed, and each block holds the body independently. The cushioning of the shoulder with high weight is increased, the mattress fits the body line.

・Double ventilation Comfortable breathability:The 36(※) ""Cross-Holes"" that penetrate the top and bottom, and the new high-ventilation material in the middle layer, ""Reflex foam"", create ventilation channels in the vertical and horizontal directions to promote the diffusion of moisture and sweat. It reduces discomfort on the contact surfaces during sleep. (※For Japanese single size)

・Light weight Light and easy to carry:The lightest mattress in the [AiR] series, easy to clean and carry.

Size 14 x 91 x 190cm (Single)
14 x 107 x 190cm (Super Single)
14 x 152 x 190cm (Queen)
14 x 182 x 190cm (King)
Firmness BASIC (170N)
Country of origin Japan
Brand AiR by Nishikawa
Materials Cover: 100% polyester
Lining: 65% polyester 35% cotton
Stuffing: Urethane foam (110 Newton)
Color Yellow


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