The Various Benefits of Each Maneki-Neko. Part.1

Meaning of a raisedpaw

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It is believed that there are different benefits depending on which paw is raised.
Raised right paw
It is believed that a cat with a raised right forepaw brings economic fortune. Most people prefer  to place this type at their entrance or in their living room.
Raising left paw
It is believed that a cat with a raised left forepaw beckons people and customers. Generally, this type is placed at the entrance of shops, restaurants, or other businesses.
Both forepaws raised
It is believed that a cat with both forepaws raised brings both economic fortune and customers. But some Japanese people are reluctant to display this one because this pose could also mean ‘I give up’.
He height of the paws
It is believed that the higher the paw is raised, the greater the fortune and happiness will be brought from a further distance away.

Meaning of color

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Generally, a Maneki-Neko has a calico color (a color combination of large patches of orange and black) due to genetics. 
This is because coat colors in calico cats are linked to the X chromosome and so, calicos are always female. A male calico cat is a very rare being born with a probability of about 1 in 1000. Male calico cats have been known from ancient times all around the world as being special, and sailors believed that having a male calico cat on board would prevent shipwrecks. 

Therefore, many Maneki-Neko that have a male calico cat motif are often produced. Nowadays they have various colors and each color has different benefits. What fortune do you want to get from them?  

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Next time we will explain about the various accoutrements each Maneki-Neko has.

Some Maneki-Neko are holding or wearing lucky goods such as a Koban, Hammer or fan.
Next time, we will introduce what kind of luck the Maneki-Neko accoutrements can bring to you.
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