In recent years, colorful Daruma dolls have appeared one after another. What is the meaning of each color?

Most Daruma dolls are red in color. It is said that this is because Daruma Daishi, who was the model for the Daruma doll, was dressed in red. In addition, during the Edo period (1603-1868), a plague called smallpox was prevalent and many people were suffering. The color red is believed to have an evil-repelling effect, and Daruma dolls were displayed in the house to prevent illness. Nowadays, Daruma dolls are made in a variety of colors, not just red. This time, we are going to introduce the meaning of these colors.

  • Red: State of perfect health and good fortune
  • Yellow-green: Mental stability
  • Purple: Health and longevity
  • Blue: Academic progress
  • Orange: Fulfillment of a child’s birth 
  • Pink: Fulfillment of one’s love
  • Gold: Improving one’s financial fortunes
  • Black: Prosperous business

What is the color of a Daruma doll that will make your wish come true?We hope you will find your own Daruma doll by referring to the colors. We also introduced the origin of Daruma dolls in a previous article. You should check it out.


Suikin Bell Daruma Strap

This is a Daruma doll strap that you can put on your cosmetic bag or purse. Inside this daruma is a bell called 水琴鈴(Suikinrei )The Suikinrei is a bell that reproduces the sound of the 水琴窟(Suikinkutsu, which has the echoing sound of water drops ) It is characterized by a clear tone and soft reverberation that is not found in ordinary bells. This product is also very popular as a gift.
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What is Suikinkutsu?

Suikinkutsu is a special technique for Japanese gardens invented by gardeners in the late Edo period. A basin, called a Shusui bachi, is made by hollowing out a stone. It is used to store water. A large jar is buried in the ground face down right next to the bowl.

There is a small hole in the top of that jar. When you wash your hands in the Shusui bachi, the drainage drips into the hole of the jar and reverberates beautifully inside the jar. This technique is called ‘Suikinkutsu’.

Its mysterious and beautiful sound is praised as a masterpiece of the Japanese gardeners' special techniques. If you search ‘Suikinkutsu’ or ‘水琴窟’ on Youtube, you can listen to the beautiful sounds of Suikinkutsu in various parts of Japan.


Cat-Daruma Piggy Bank

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This is a piggy bank with a Maneki-neko and Daruma doll in one piece. The meaning of a golden Daruma doll is "money" luck and "improve your business" luck.
The design of the Maneki-neko, which is said to also bring good luck, was added to the product, making it a very auspicious product. It’s a piggy bank that looks like it’s going to save a lot of money. It is recommended not only for people who want to save money, but also for people who want to get results at work and increase their income.


Daruma-Neko Wind Chime

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This is a wind bell with a Daruma doll and a Maneki-neko in one piece. The tone is soothing and very cool.
It is said that the sound of wind chimes repels evil spirits. Hanging it on your window sill or in the doorway of your shop will chase away bad luck and bring in good luck instead.


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We sell a lot of goods made with chirimen.
These goods are especially popular among women because of their cuteness. We will pick out some popular chirimen goods and introduce them.
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