Face wash and clay mask in one! Absorb and remove dirt from your pores. Your skin will become clear and soft!

This time, we will introduce Itten Cosme, Inc.'s  Clay Pack Face Wash  which is popular at our store. The Clay Pack Face Wash is an excellent product that can be used not only as a facial wash, but also as a clay beauty mask. And this product is reliable for various types of skin such as dry, oily, or combination skin. You should try Clay Pack Face Wash if you have any of the problems below: 

①Large pores 
②Clogged pores 
③Many blackheads on your nose
Skin dullness

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Clay is a natural beauty material

Clay has been drawing a lot of attention as a miracle natural material in the beauty industry worldwide for some time. In Japan, the clay beauty method first started to get a lot of attention in esthetic salons. Nowadays, many kinds of clay face washes and clay face masks are sold at stores and on web stores, too. People can try the clay beauty method easily by their own hands without depending on estheticians. Among the many types of clay beauty cosmetics, Itten Cosme, Inc.'s  Clay Pack Face Wash has a strong following because of its distinctive features and individuality that even similar products don't have.
This time, we will tell you about what attracts people to this product and its effects.

You don't need to go to the esthetic salons
You can take care of your skin easily and perfectly at home

Itten Cosme, Inc., has the underlying belief that ‘face washing’, which removes dirt perfectly and makes clear, smooth, skin, is the most important thing as the first step of skin care. Based on the clay beauty method that got a lot of attention in esthetic salons at the time, they started a development project that could be called ‘beauty face wash’ so  that even busy women could easily use it. It was a challenge to create the ultimate face wash that revolutionized conventional face washing. Itten Cosme, Inc., already had an effective formula for creating its clay face wash. But still, they spent  three years developing a beauty skin formula that maximized the power of clay and moisturized the skin.

Persistence to blend a high amount of clay
Exclusive production machine developed for kneading clay 

The Clay Pack Face Wash contains a larger amount of clay compared to similar products from other companies. In order to make the most of the power clay has, it was necessary to blend an unprecedented amount of clay. However, clay is heavier than other cosmetic materials so it was hard to blend it well with conventional cosmetic manufacturing methods. On the other hand, if they tried to knead it blindly, the soap ingredients would bubble.
But the development team didn’t give up on its goal of high clay blending. They had been searching for a machine that eliminated uneven kneading of materials and achieved a smooth texture. Finally, they found it in the form of an anko pasting machine.
※ Anko is a paste made by boiling sweet red beans. It is used in Japanese sweets. 

Inspired by the process of making anko, which first soaked beans in water and kneaded them into a smooth paste quickly and efficiently, they created their original machine just for making their Clay Pack Face Wash. In addition to that, they don't just rely on the machine. Seasoned clay professionals thoroughly control the temperature and humidity. By doing that, there is no kneading unevenness or lumps of clay, creating an amazing texture that is smooth and adheres to the skin.

Blending clays from around the world were carefully selected. They contain rare, super-moisturizing oil.

Clay has strong adsorption power , so by  increasing the blending amount of clay, the skin will be taut and dry after face washing. Therefore, they repeatedly learned by trial and error to complete the beautiful skin formula that not only cleans out the dirt, but also keeps skin moist.   
First, they focused on the properties of the clay as well as the blending amount. Clay has different properties depending on the local environment. They researched many types of clay from all over the world and carefully selected  6 types of clay with different properties. Combining them in an appropriate balance has succeeded in producing a formula that had two important factors: ‘cleaning out dirt’ and ‘keeping moisture and not giving stress to the skin’ And, it also contains rare oils extracted from the seeds of argane trees that live only in limited areas in Morocco. It is a very special oil that makes smooth textured skin, and helps the skin regain its elasticity. Furthermore, it contains a natural rock salt that is called ruby salt. This natural rock salt is rich in minerals and it plays an important role in keeping the skin moisturzed. In addition, the salt is a very reliable material that keeps the skin firm and smooth without any stickiness. 

Three types of use in this one product!
Busy women can easily get perfect skin care

①Recommended for normal skin, oily skin, or combination skin: Squeeze about 1~2cm of the face wash paste on your hand. Drip a little water on it and make it bubble slightly. Apply the lather to the entire face evenly, and then wash your face with a massaging motion. Finally, rinse it off thoroughly with warm water.

②Recommended for dry skin, sensitive skin: Put about 1~2cm of the face wash paste on a facial washing net, add some water,  and make a thick lather. Spread the fluffy bubbles on  the entire face and massage gently. After that, rinse it off  thoroughly with warmwater.


③Mask pack: Squeeze an appropriate amount of the face wash paste  on your hand and spread it on your whole face or problem areas. After 1 minute, rinse it off well with warm water. It is recommended to do it once or twice a week, one time, within 1 minute. 

Please choose the use method according to your skin condition.This time, we introduced the effects and attractiveness of the Clay Pack Face Wash. It is a long-selling product that has been used by many people since its release because it is a product made with the best materials and professional hands without compromising anything.

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Recommended sets for more beautiful skin effects when used with Clay Pack Face Wash

This time, a development team of beautiful skin professionals from Itten Cosme, Inc., told us some recommended sets that can be expected to have even more beautiful skin effects when used with the Clay Pack Face Wash. Please give them a try.


●For people worried about spots and dullness
Clay Pack Wash+ FW Starting Essence

After removing dirt from the skin with the Clay Pack Face Wash, infiltrating ingredients with high whitening effect, lead to shiny, bare, skin.


●For people who have  oily skin and pimples.
Clay Pack Face Wash+Moist clear lotion

It can remove dead skin and dirt that can’t be completely removed by just face washing. In addition, it can balance lactic acid bacteria with the bacteria on the skin, creating a strong foundation for preventing skin trouble.
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●For people worried about dry skin
Clay Pack Face WashDear Gel Noumitsu

Raw proteoglycans increase the water retention of the skin. Furthermore, Coenzyme Q10 and human ceramide protect the barrier function of the skin and lead to firmer skin.
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Next time, we will share a review of the Clay Pack Face Wash!

Next time, we will share a review from one of our staff who used the Clay Pack Face Wash, and also tell you her impressions of the product after using it, and her skin condition. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!
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