Product review about ‘Clay Pack Face Wash’

This time we will introduce a review of a cosmetic product. One of our female staff has used ‘Clay Pack Face Wash’, which has many fans in Japan.
This product is a ‘beauty face wash’ which absorbs dirt from clogged pores with the absorption power of clay. It moisturizes the skin as well!
This product was introduced in detail in the previous article, "Face wash and clay mask in one!
Absorb and remove dirt from your pores. Your skin will become clear and soft!"
Please check it out.
There are different ways to use this product when washing one's face depending on the condition of the user's skin. Our staff's skin condition is ‘dry skin’ so we will share her review for people who have dry skin.
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After removing the cap, she  squeezed about 1~2cm of the face wash paste on her hand.
When she was pushing it out of the tube, she needed to push the tube a little strongly. She felt that this face wash was of a heavier texture than usual face washes. She thought the clay in this product  was blended very densely. However, she was surprised because when spreading the paste out with her index finger, (second photo above) it was very smooth, soft, and creamy to the touch. Next, she used a facial washing net (third photo above) and made a thick lather.

Putting the paste on the facial washing net. Adding some water and making a thick lather. A fluffy and elastic foam was made. She applied the foam over her entire face with a gentle massaging motion for about 10 seconds. She felt the form was springy and stuck to the surface of her skin. She refrained from massaging for a long time because she has sensitive skin in addition to her dry skin.

She then rinsed it off thoroughly with warmwater. She said it was a refreshing clean feeling, but it wasn’t a taut and dry feeling. She touched her skin and it felt very moisturized.
She touched the ends of her nose and jaw which were always rough from dirt remaining in her pores. The textures of both areas  were very smooth.

She checked her skin condition with a skin checker after washing her face. Her skin had 42% moisture, 26% oil, and the elasticity of the skin was a smile mark indicating that there was enough skin elasticity! She felt really happy because this number was an ideal result! (According to the skin checker’s instructions, the ideal number for around the cheeks in winter is 30% -50% moisture and 16% -28% oil. Both oil and moisture levels were within the average)

The price of $33 is a little expensive compared to other common face washes, but she got it because there are many benefits. She said that this product can be used for various skin conditions and are a good value for the money because this product plays the role of both face wash and face pack in one. This is a ‘beauty face wash’ that can be easily used by women who are busy with work or chores. She really recommended this product.

You can see the recommended usage for normal skin, combination skin and oily skin in the previous article. Please check it out.


Try these other products in combination with the Clay Pack Face Wash for even more beautiful skin.

To keep your skin looking even more beautiful, we recommend that you use a lotion or serum to keep it moisturized. A development team of beautiful skin professionals from Itten Cosme, Inc., recommended some products that can be expected to have even more beautiful skin effects when used with the Clay Pack Face Wash. Please give them a try.

●For people worried about spots and dullness
Clay Pack Wash FW Starting Essence

After removing dirt from the skin with the Clay Pack Face Wash, FW Starting Essence's ingredients will get down deep into the skin and provide a whitening effect and also lead to shiny, bare, skin.


●For people who have oily skin and pimples.
Clay Pack Face WashMoist clear lotion

It can remove dead skin and dirt that can’t be completely removed by just face washing. In addition, it can balance lactic acid bacteria with the natural bacteria on the skin, creating a strong foundation for preventing skin trouble.
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●For people worried about dry skin
Clay Pack Face WashDear Gel Noumitsu

Raw proteoglycans increase the water retention of the skin. Furthermore, Coenzyme Q10 and human ceramide protect the barrier function of the skin and lead to firmer skin.
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