Let’s Make a Mini Gift of Lovely Wrapping!

This time we will introduce wrapping ideas using origami paper and other Japanese paraphernalia.
In Japan, there is a custom where we  give small gifts to each other on a daily basis.

For example, when a close colleague leaves the company, when you are absent from work due to illness, or when your co-worker handles your work for you, people will often give small gifts in gratitude. 
It is a gift that can be given casually on a daily basis --  it doesn’t have to be expensive.
So even with an inexpensive gift, you can show your gratitude with a cute gift wrapping.

1. Make a confection gift


1.Kobe Fugetsudo Hello Kitty Mini Gaufres
2.Clear plastic box(H10cm×W10cm×D5cm)
3.Colored paper
6.Japanese pattern wrapping paper

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1.Cutting mat
2Cutter knife
5.Scotch tape

Let’s make it!

1.Cut the colored paper into a 10cm square with the cutter knife. Open the cover of the clear plastic box and place the paper on the bottom of the box.

2.Put a Hello Kitty Mini Gaufres can in the box and close the cover. Next cut the Japanese wrapping paper into W7cm×H28cm.

3.Cover the box with the wrapping paper and tape it with Scotch tape on the back of the box.

4.Turn it over. It will look like this. Next cut the string to a 110cm length with scissors and wrap the string around the box 3 times.

5.Tie a bow in a slightly lower position on the box. Put a sticker above the bow.

6. The wrapping is done! From the side, you can catch a glimpse of the Hello Kitty can design and it will look so cute!

7. Change the color of the wrapping paper or colored paper and enjoy the different  arrangements.

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2.Make a Japanese trinket gift


1.Japanese trinkets (Daruma straps, Earring cases) 
2.a small card
3.OPP plastic bag (W13mm×H19.5cm)
5.Origami (printed on both sides) (W15cm×H15cm)

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1.Cutting mat
2.Cutter knife
4. tape type of glue or double sided tape

Let’s make it!

1.Cut the width of the origami paper to the same width as the OPP plastic bag. Next cut the height of the OPP plastic bag to the same height as the origami paper. The origami and OPP plastic bag are now the same size.

2.Apply glue to the top, bottom, left and right corners of the origami paper and glue it to the OPP plastic bag.

3.Put your gift and a small card in the bag, fold the top of the origami paper toward you, seal it with a sticker, and you are done!

Change the color of origami paper or sticker and enjoy the arrangement.

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Chu-Hai has been evolving in a unique way as an alcoholic beverage in Japan
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