Let’s Make a Jewelry Box with a Kobe Fugetsudo Mini Gaufres Can!

Have you ever lost small earrings or rings?
This time we will introduce how to make a jewelry box for storing earrings (stud type) and rings using a Mini Gaufres can.  We think you will be able to make it easily so why not give it a try?

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①Mini Gaufres can (Gold Merlion design)
*We are using this can, but, by all means, use your favorite Mini (or Petites ) Gaufres can.
②Melamine spongeW10cm×H13cm×D2.6cm
③Nail jewelry sticker


① Compass
②Cutter knife
③Cutting mat
 (Heavy paper, Scissors, Craft glue, if needed)

Let’s make it!

①Measure the diameter of the Mini Gaufres can. The diameter is about 8.4cm.
②Draw an 8.4cm diameter circle with your compass on the melamine sponge.

 *If you can’t draw the circle on the melamine sponge well, draw the circle on heavy paper instead. Then, cut the circle out from the heavy paper with scissors. Put the circle on the melamine sponge and trace around the circle with a pencil.

 Cut out the circle from the melamine sponge with a cutter knife. Be careful not to cut your hand.

④Fit the circular melamine sponge into your Mini Gaufres can.
⑤Next decorate the lid of the Mini Gaufres can with nail jewelry stickers. If the nail jewelry stickers don’t have enough adhesive power, use the craft glue.

It’s finished! 

The jewelry box is done! Let’s store your earrings and rings.
Stick your earrings (stud type) into the melamine sponge to store them.

When storing your rings, you will need to make 2cm slits in the melamine sponge and put each ring into a slit. Try making your own original versions by changing the decorations or using other type of Mini (Petites)Gaufres cans.


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Next time we will introduce wrapping ideas using origami and other Japanese paraphernalia. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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We have a variety of Mini and Petites Gaufres. 

Please click a link below and check other ones!

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Let’s Make a Mini Gift of Lovely Wrapping!
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