Petites Gaufres are confections which are tremendously popular among Kobe Fugetsudo's products. The reasons are….

This time, we will introduce ‘Petites Gaufres’ which are incredibly popular among  Kobe Fugetsudo's products.
Kobe Fugetsudo sells a variety of popular confections including Langue de Chat, L’espoir, and others. Every confection is very tasty and are purchased by many customers every day. Among these, Petites Gaufres are the most popular ones. It is not too much to say that if people have them once, they will love them for the rest of their lives. So why are the Petites Gaufres so popular? We will tell you about the charms of Petites Gaufres.

Ultra-thin wafers which are vanilla scented with an addictive super crispy texture! 

It is said that one of the reasons for the popularity of Petites Gaufres is the super crispy texture of their ultra-thin wafers. The wafers have unique features that are one of a kind, and have  broken many stereotypes. The unique and lovely, crisp, texture will become addictive if people eat it just once. And the hint of vanilla in the wafers combined with the slightly sweet cream sandwiched between the wafers are in perfect balance. The size of Petites Gaufres are about 7.5cm in diameter, -  just the right size to eat!

Petites Gaufres are the perfect confection for an elegant teatime!

Kobe Fugetsudo is a long established western and Japanese style confectionery brand which has produced their confections for the Japanese Imperial family.
They have a history of over 120 years and have produced so many kinds of western and Japanese style confections. Kobe Fugetsudo declares confidently that Gaufres are a ‘famous and refined’ confection’.The surface of the wafer is embossed with the GAUFRE letters and a leaf pattern. The subtle and sophisticated taste of the sweets presented in a beautifully designed package is suitable for gifts. Gaufres will create an elegant atmosphere for your lovely teatime.
Many people who purchase them for themselves look forward to such a special time.
One of the reasons why they are so popular as a gift is that Gaufres are recognized as a higher-grade special treat. Let’s introduce Petites Gaufres.

●Petites Gaufres, Packaged in a tin

24 Petites Gaufres: 24.00  36 Petites Gaufres: 36.00

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This is the most popular Petites Gaufres in a tin at Kobe Fugetsudo.
8 Individual packages are in the tin. One package has 3 Petite Gaufres --  a vanilla flavoured one, a strawberry flavoured one and chocolate flavoured one.
It contains a total of 24 pieces. In addition, they sell a 12 Individual package size, for a  total of 36 pieces in a tin, too.

The tin is in a paper box without sides. The tin design has a very regal design.
Many pieces are in the tin, so if you bring it to a friend’s home party, they will be pleased.
After you finish eating, you can reuse the tin as a unique accessory case. It is one of the benefits!

●Petites Gaufres in a Paper box

12 Petites Gaufres: 12.00

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The large gold letters of PETITES GAUFRES are prominently displayed on the paper box. That design is very cool. It seems easy to carry because that paper box is very light. 
The price is not so expensive at $ 12.00, so if you buy a few, you are aways ready to entertain if you have unexpected company.

Tear along the line on the side of the box. There are 4 Individual packages in a plastic container. 
Each package has 3 Petites Gaufres -- a vanilla flavoured one, a strawberry flavoured one and a chocolate flavoured one. It contains a total of 12 pieces of Petites Gaufres.

As your own snack or as a mini gift for friends, 
cute tins of Mini Gaufres are also very popular

Mini Gaufres in round tins  are very popular, too. There are a variety of designs such as Singapore limited, Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma among others.There are 2 packages in one tin. One package has 3 Mini Petites Gaufres - a  vanilla flavoured one, a strawberry flavoured one and a chocolate flavoured one. After eating them, many customers reuse the tin for storing  stationery items or accessories.

Hello Kitty Mini Gaufres have a kitty stump on the wafer's surface!
And Kitty faces are printed on the packages, too! They have such a cute design that they are really exciting for Hello Kitty fans!

The most popular flavours are vanilla, strawberry, chocolate

Besides the 3 flavours already mentioned, Petites Gaufres have a wide variety of other flavours such as coffee, tea, matcha, rich matcha , and peach. Being able to enjoy many flavours is one of the reasons that they are so popular. As expected, the regular flavours of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are the most popular among them. It is said that the reason is these flavours are not so strong and do not have such a heavy taste. Fan of Petites Gaufres tend to enjoy eating one package of Petites Gaufres a day during their teatime. Perhaps the reason why regular flavours, that are easy to get tired of, are popular, is that many people eat them every day.

You can purchase Petites Gaufres at our web store. If you haven’t tried them yet, please give them a try. In addition, they are very pleasing as a gift. Free wrapping is also available. If you haven’t decided what gift to give a friend, please choose Petites Gaufres!

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