We tried the renowned confection of Kobe Fugetsudo’s Rich Matcha Petites Gaufres

What are Petites Gaufres?

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Petites Gaufres are a typical confection of Kobe Fugetsudo which has a long-established history of 120 years in Japan.
The Petites Gaufres are a very popular confection of Kobe Fugetsudo here in Takashimaya Department Store in Singapore, too. Many customers purchase them as gifts for their family or friends. 
When we describe Gaufres, we sometimes use the word ‘wafer’.
But actually 'wafer' isn’t the best word for Gaufres...
because this wafer has a  unique and distinct texture, flavour and beauty. It really is  
like nothing else.
After eating it once, you will be addicted, whether you are male or female.
This time we will tell you mainly about the deliciousness of ‘Rich Matcha Petites Gaufres’ which is one of the many flavours of Petites Gaufres.

Matcha flavor is now standard

Matcha flavour confections have been standard in Japan and abroad for 20 years. 
There are some theories, but here is the most famous one. In 1996, HĂ€agen-Dazs Matcha flavour started to sell in the Japanese market and that started this matcha boom in Japan. And a famous Japanese pastry chef announced a matcha flavour macaron at his shop in Paris. This macaron caught on like wildfire and became the top selling product in his shop. Recently, ‘MatchaBar’ opened in New York in 2014. It became popular by targeting health conscious New Yorkers.
Now matcha has become recognized as a super food rich in a variety of nutrients. It can be said that the popularity of matcha is growing again all over the world.

Do you know Matcha is known as Superfood all over the world nowadays because matcha is very good for your health! please check articles below and want you to know a lot of benefits Matcha has.
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 About package design

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Now, let's introduce ‘Rich Matcha Petites Gaufres'. First, we will explain about the package design.

The deep green colour of the package reminds one of the rich matcha.
You can imagine this confection is matcha flavour at a glance. In addition, you can see the faint outline of Ban Gasa (the Japanese traditional umbrella made of oilpaper) on it.
It looks high-class, and it feels like a part of beautiful Japanese traditional culture, so we recommend it to you as a gift.

One package has 3 pieces of Gaufres, and one box has 4 packages.
If you get one box, you can enjoy 12 pieces of Gaufres. It is good for sharing with your friends and your office staff at break time.

They have a mild taste for a matcha beginner

You might imagine that the cream sandwiched in them has a sharp bitterness to it because the product name is ‘Rich Matcha’.
Is that so?
Right away after your first bite, you can notice the slight bitter taste of matcha, but it isn’t a sharp taste.
The rich flavour of matcha and umami will fill your mouth. We are sure you will enjoy it and realize that 'Rich Matcha' is a fitting name for this product.

Every kind of Petites Gaufres have a hint of vanilla.
The matcha cream goes wonderfully with the wafers. The cream is not as sweet as one might think, so we couldn't stop eating them! We think ‘Richi Matcha’ goes well with coffe.

The wafer is very thin, delicate,very crispy and has a light texture.
And the wafer is not flaky, so your mouth doesn’t feel dry.
If you feel the matcha flavour is a bit strong, we recommend you put ice cream on it.

Tried to put vanilla ice cream on 'Richi Matcha'

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People have been putting vanilla ice cream on Gaufres for a long time. Finally, we tried it this time! We think that ‘Rich Matcha’ and vanilla ice cream is the best combination!

We chose a hot summer day to try it. We kept the ‘Rich Matcha’ in the fridge for about 1 hour to cool it.
It might be a good idea to stir the vanilla ice cream with a spoon until it is slightly melted and smooth.

Get the Gaufres out from the fridge and put ice cream on them quickly. Then take a bite.
The cold vanilla ice cream and the chilled Gaufres cool the inside of your mouth and your breath turns cold and feels refreshing. We think this way of serving Petites Gaufres is good for a hot day.

The matcha flavour and bitter taste become very mild with the vanilla ice cream.

‘Rich Matcha’ flavour is richer than other Gaufres and it's a robust taste so the matcha flavour isn’t masked by the strong flavour of the vanilla ice cream. We can enjoy the harmony of matcha and vanilla.
We want you to try it!

Everyone likes Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors!

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Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are popular Gaufres flavors.
The cream is very smooth and not so sweet. Each taste is simple and light.
Specifically it seems the vanilla and chocolate flavors are not too strong.
You must eat these Petites Gaufres with focus and intention to truly savor the taste of the vanilla and chocolate.
On the other hand, we feel the strawberry flavor has a stronger flavor..

When we opened the package, we could smell the aroma of strawberries.
The sweet and sour scent of strawberry is just out of this word for sweets lovers.
The strawberry flavor must be the king of flavors in any sweets.

If you haven’t eaten Gaufres, how about trying these basic flavors (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry)?
They are easy to eat and you will never tire of eating them.

and we think that someone who eats Gaufres for the first time will be surprised and impressed by their super thinness and crispy texture.

Next time we'll explain about Matcha as a 'Super Food'

Matcha has become a well-known drink to many people all over the world in the last 20years.
It is not too much to say that matcha has become world famous via sweets.

In the last few years, matcha has been in the spotlight as a ‘Super Food’ and new boom is on the way.
Next time we will introduce the special cultivation methods and nutrition of matcha.
Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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