Where is the Best Place to Place Maneki-Neko

You can place it anywhere you want

You may be thinking  the best place to put your  Maneki-Neko is based on Feng shui.
Feng shui is known as a good way to bring luck to you in Singapore.
So, you might have been surprised by our saying, ‘You can place Maneki-Neko anywhere you want.’
We are not trying to deny the power of Feng shui.
We want you to feel free to welcome Maneki-Neko into your life even if you don’t have deep knowledge about Feng shui. In this spirit, we will describe how to take care of your Maneki-Neko, which is a daily routine in Japan. 

The most important thing is to welcome Maneki-Neko as part of your family

 We said, ‘You can place Maneki-Neko anywhere you want’, but it has a prerequisite condition before you do it.
You must imagine that Maneki-Neko has a spirit and that you honor and take good care of it - the same as you would a member of your family.
Japanese tradition values the spirit first. Then you can decide where to place your Maneki-Neko.
And  interact with your Maneki-Neko every day. It is very easy to do so please try it.


Talk to him, Dust off from him, Clean a room for him

You can choose anywhere you like for placing your Maneki-Neko.
For example, on your office desk, next to a cash register, or on a shelf in your living room.
But please don’t place it in a humid room, a dark room, a room not being used, or a messy room.
Would you want your family to spend all their time in a room like that every day?
We think you definitely wouldn't.
And Maneki-Neko likes a place where people gather or a lot of people come and go very often.
Please say ‘good morning’ to him every day just like you would to your family.
And please ask him, ‘How was your day?’ at the end of the day.
If you put him on your office desk, it is good to say,  ‘See you tomorrow!’ and rub his head as you leave your office.

To keep him clean, please wipe and dust him off every day, just like you would put clean clothes on your lovely baby every day.
Clean every hole and corner of the room your Maneki-Neko is in.
Make it a habit to spruce things up every day to make your Maneki-Neko comfortable.

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About Maneki-Neko

Give him lots of love just like you would a member of your family.
If you do these things, these habits will become second nature.
Your Maneki-Neko will love you back and bring you a lot of luck.

Specific examples about place

If you want to know about more specific places, please check below. We will  introduce 4 places.

●In a shop

If you are going to place him in your shop, place him next to the cash register.
Or place him in the main entrance because it is believed that Maneki-Neko will beckon  many people who happen to pass in front of your shop.
And be sure to  place him a prominent place in the shop for all the people to see.
If it is possible, place him in a place higher than your height.
Remember to frequently clean the things around your Maneki-Neko such as the display racks, around the cash register, and the shop’s floor.

●At the entrance of a private house

As you know,  in Feng shui energy flows into every room from the entrance.  
Many Japanese people tend to follow the beliefs of Feng shui and place Maneki-Neko at their entrance.
In this case, place him so that he is always looking at the door of the entrance.
By doing this, it is believed that he will call inside the good luck passing outside of the house.
And frequently clean the entrance so that it is a tidy and cozy space for your Maneki-Neko.

●In a bed room or a living room 

In this case, place him so that he is always looking at the door of the room.
Don’t place him in a low place (like a place lower than your knees).                    
Make your bed before you go out and clean under your bed to get rid of dust.

●At an office

Wipe your desk properly and tidy up your files and any stuff on your desk.
Don’t place him on a pile of papers.
Always make a cozy place on your desk for your Maneki-Neko and place him at an  angle where he can see your face.

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A soul lives in objects that are treated well

Since ancient times, treating objects well has been regarded as a virtue in Japan, and it is believed that a soul lives in the objects that are treated well by people.
From this cultural background, it is believed that if people reach out to a Maneki-Neko that has a soul, people can get good luck.
 So please welcome your Maneki-Neko as part of your family and treat him well to give him a soul.


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We will answer a variety of inquiries in more depth.
Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

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