Q & A For Maneki-Neko Part 1

We receive many inquiries about Maneki-Neko from consumers.
Here are the answers to the most common ones.

Q1. When I dust off my Maneki-Neko, Should I use a cloth? And which one is better, a dry cloth or a wet cloth?

A1. It depends on what Maneki-Neko is made out of.

●Ceramics: For Seto ware that comes from Chugai Toen Co., Ltd. and Kutani ware, do the following: First dust it off with a dry cloth or a feather duster. Then lightly wipe it with a wet cloth. Finally, wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth. 

●Unglazed pottery: Don’t wipe it with a cloth. Instead, lightly dust it off with a feather duster frequently.

●Ceramics with a coated film that shine (Tokoname ware, etc): First, lightly remove dirt with a wet cloth then wipe it with a dry cloth.

●Washi (Japanese traditional paper), cloth, Chirimen (crepe): Lightly dust it off with a feather duster frequently -- the same as unglazed pottery.  

 If you don’t know what your Maneki-Neko is made out of, please feel free to contact us.
📨 support@skymart21.com.sg


Q2. Do we need to buy a new one every year?

A2. No, you don’t need to do that.
However, it is believed that if your Maneki-Neko is getting a little dirty or has cracks, you are not getting much luck. In that case, please buy a new one.
In Japan, it is a traditional custom for merchant families to buy a new Maneki-Neko every new year. They need to buy a bigger one than in the previous year.
If you are a merchant, it is a good idea to follow this custom.

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Q3. Can I pray to Maneki-Neko for many wishes to come true?

A3. Generally, it is believed it is best to pray for just one wish from each Maneki-Neko.
After one wish comes true, you should buy a new one and then pray to your new Maneki-Neko for your new wish.

Q4. We are running a shop. we would like to know which direction is the best for our Maneki-Neko to be facing so that it brings good luck for our business.

A4. We describe it based on Feng shui. It is different for every business so please find your direction below.

Q5. I bought a Maneki-Neko and there was a zabuton (a cushion) included in the package. When I display it, should I put the Maneki-Neko on the zabuton?

A5. There is a theory about Maneki-Neko’s zabuton so we will describe how to use it.
First, put your Maneki-Neko anywhere you want without the zabuton and pray for one wish.

If the wish comes true, you put the zabuton under your Maneki-Neko as a reward and praise him many times.
Your Maneki-Neko likes compliments very much and wants to get the reward of the zabuton so he will work very hard to make your wish come true. Give it a try and see what happens!

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